Sustainable and efficient

We extend the life cycle of your devices and save them from premature scrapping or being forgotten in drawers or filing cabinets through lifecycle management. This means that devices do not lie around unused but are passed on to other users in the company. This avoids the situation where you have more devices than users in your company. 

Our Management Information System ensures efficient use of your mobile devices. Devices that are no longer used in your company are refurbished and enter a second or third lifecycle. The same happens with old devices when you switch to a new generation of devices. 

On request, we also enable ecological sustainability and climate neutrality. This is done by purchasing a quantity of CO2 emission rights corresponding to the respective appliances. We ensure this with the help of certified partners with suitable projects. If you wish, you can also influence the selection of projects yourself. 

Thanks to data-supported lifecycle management and verifiable climate neutrality, your mobile IT infrastructure is not only used efficiently, but also sustainably in terms of climate neutrality.