Liquidity and security

If we take over your entire stock of smartphones, tablets and notebooks, which are of course immediately available to your company as a rental (sale & rent back), this has a double advantage for your company. On the one hand, by taking over your IT inventory, we ensure the smooth functioning of your business operations that are dependent on IT. On the other hand, you generate additional liquidity, which is important if you want to make investments, for example.

Full Control Device Management guarantees the smooth functioning of your IT, it…

  • …guarantees you complete transparency over the entire inventory of your IT devices 
  • …enables you to control your IT device infrastructure consistently. 
  • …means that the modernization of your IT equipment takes place within the agreed replacement cycles – without any additional effort for your internal department.
  • ..changes nothing for the users of the end devices; there is no additional work for them.

By renting your equipment, you immediately generate additional liquidity and tie up less capital. The advantages of this financing alternative:  

  • No time-consuming loan negotiations with banks.
  • No deterioration in your credit rating.
  • Creation of short-term investment budgets.
  • No additional work for the users of the end devices.

An example: Depending on the type and condition of the IT devices, you can generate an amount of more than one million euro from just 2000 smartphones, tablets and notebooks. The highlight: This budget is available at short notice without restricting the company’s ability to work.

You will receive an individual offer after evaluating your inventory of any number of end devices.